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  • Bezel Maintenance

    August 16, 2012  /  IN Harbormaster, Naviator  /  2 COMMENTS

    If your STOLAS watch bezel ever gets hard to turn, don’t fret, it just needs a little cleaning.

  • Victory Watch – you can win!

    August 14, 2012  /  IN Company News, Harbormaster  /  2 COMMENTS

    Would you like to win the Victory watch? There is only one available and it can only be had through our Facebook page. We are calling it the Facebook 5K! Celebrate the USA and your country along with all our [...]

  • Lilla & Tuxedo – Luxury Liners of the Gennaker

    May 18, 2012  /  IN Company News, Harbormaster  /  3 COMMENTS

    Today we introduce the Lilla, the Gennaker Luxury model produced in our Custom Shop.  We have been waiting to release this model for over 4 months but we wanted to offer it with the new PVD bracelet to complete it’s [...]

  • SubLime has arrived!

    April 16, 2012  /  IN Company News, Harbormaster  /  0 COMMENT

    The Gennaker SubLime of the Harbormaster collection is the newest release in the Gennaker series. Featuring a STØLÅS modified module movement, the S-002. It’s mechanical Hand-Wind simplicity reduces weight and shock, yet retains it’s calendar function and increases accuracy. Paired [...]