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  • BallCall Collection Update

    February 16, 2012  /  IN BallCall, Company News  /  1 COMMENT

    Over the past few weeks we have worked on the BallCall collection and making adjustments as necessary after extensive movement testing.  After finalizing the movement choices and updating the line, we also felt it important to give our customers that [...]

  • >Maritime Colloquy ≈ Intro to BallCall 1/17/2012

    January 18, 2012  /  IN Company News  /  1 COMMENT

    >Maritime Colloquy ≈ Intro to BallCall 1/17/2012 Maritime Colloquy is a news video of recent events happening at STOLAS.  If you like learning and seeing what goes on, subscribe!  

  • Introduction to STOLAS video

    January 18, 2012  /  IN Company News  /  0 COMMENT

    >Introduction to STØLÅS video []

  • >Stolas website re-vamp

    September 23, 2011  /  IN Company News  /  1 COMMENT

    >With a huge number of boating and fishing magazines featuring us in the coming months we have taken the time to “re-vamp” the front page of our home on the WWW to a more relaxed water theme.