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  • BallCall to Naviator™

    July 29, 2012  /  IN BallCall, Company News, Naviator  /  4 COMMENTS

    Official PRESS release of the new naval aviator collection, the NAVIATOR™.   Some of you have heard of the little legal dispute we have had with the Ball Watch Co.  The TBG company, owned by business investors, claimed that our [...]

  • Maritime Colloquy – March Edition 2012

    March 13, 2012  /  IN BallCall, Company News  /  7 COMMENTS

    Welcome to the March edition of Maritime Colloquy.  This time we are sharing with you the reasoning behind the BallCall series, namely the Warthog and 1974 models.  Also included is some behind the scenes of the family on an outing. [...]

  • Latest Changes to the BallCall

    March 6, 2012  /  IN BallCall, Company News  /  6 COMMENTS

    Pre-Ordering is a great way to gauge what the public enjoys.  Since we opened the pre-order for the BallCall collection we have collected a lot of data about which models are preferred and which are not.  After careful consideration we [...]

  • BallCall Collection Update

    February 16, 2012  /  IN BallCall, Company News  /  1 COMMENT

    Over the past few weeks we have worked on the BallCall collection and making adjustments as necessary after extensive movement testing.  After finalizing the movement choices and updating the line, we also felt it important to give our customers that [...]