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Today we introduce the Lilla, the Gennaker Luxury model produced in our Custom Shop.  We have been waiting to release this model for over 4 months but we wanted to offer it with the new PVD bracelet to complete it’s smooth execution.  Featuring a custom black and purple second hand, it is finished with only part of it colored as the purple “bolt” floats endlessly around the dial.

However, the real deal is the engine that lies within the pearl, the ETA 2892.  Well known for it’s use in watches from larger luxury companies, the 2892 is the engine sought after and often preferred by connoisseurs.  So if you have been eyeing a STOLAS Gennaker and dream of high quality movements as you do with diamonds and pearls, the Lilla is for you.

The word Lilla is Norwegian for purple. Purple (Lilla) often defines richness and royalty and we feel it fitting for the luxury liner of the Gennaker custom.   Black Pearl, as it is also known around the Custom Shop, was it’s code name while the watch was being designed and developed.  Reminiscent of the all too popular “Black

Pearl” of the Disney movies, the glossy glass appearance remarkably looks like black peals.

Even the matching bracelet, with it’s gloss and brushed finish, yields to the Black Pearl patronage.  A closer look at between the links and you can see a rainbow of iridescent colors as the PVD is vaporized onto the links and leaves it’s heated blued hues of purple, blue, and red.

Like the Lilla, the Tuxedo model is also released.  Paired with much of what the Lilla has, it is distinguished by it’s White second hand.  Paired up also with the new PVD bracelet, this model deals a serious punch.  The Tuxedo is fitted with the ETA 2824 automatic movement which by standard is the most robust of the ETA automatic lineup.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the Custom Shop at STOLAS and view some of the awesome timepieces we offer.  If you can’t seem to find your personality match, you can also have them customize any order!


  • Clyde Fogh
    May 18, 2012., 10:59 am | Reply

    Giddy Up! I use that expression often, but in this case it really describes how I feel about the Tuxedo. I definitely see what you mean about the "Black Pearl" reference; the bracelet looks like a perfect match to the silky Gennaker case. Very well done and I hope to see these on my fellow watch enthusiasts wrists as watch of the day (WOTD) very soon. Giddy Up!!

  • John merchant
    May 18, 2012., 6:29 pm | Reply

    Holy smokes that's hot! Now added to the top of the list. Hell screw the list I want it now! Look for my Order stolas, hope to get is soon. By the way. How long does it take you to build it?

    • Curtis Stolaas
      June 19, 2012., 10:33 am | Reply

      Custom Shop orders usually take about 3-5 days depending on the work being done.